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JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64...
JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64...
JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64...
JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64...

JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64 inches - Recurve bow - 20-50 lbs purple

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JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64 inches - Recurve bow - 20-50 lbs

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  • 62''
  • 64''
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  • versione base flettenti fibra
  • versione speed flettenti carbonio
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JACKALOPE Crystal - JLS - 62-64 inch - Recurve bow - 20-50 lbs

The crystal that gives the new JACKALOPE Crystal its name is as varied in shape and colour as the riser itself. Each of the three colours gives the riser a different effect. Whether it's the exciting purple, the "poisonous" green or the calming blue, each variant is sure to please. Each riser is unique and emphasises the personal individuality of each shooter. To create a crystal, special conditions are required in nature and, above all, a crystal needs time. This makes them special stones with special characteristics: they clear the mind, strengthen one's own consciousness and provide support in difficult life situations. All this makes the crystal the perfect namesake for this versatile handle.

Of course, it is not just the look that is impressive: the stabilised wood used - a highly stable combination of several layers of wood and epoxy resin - reliably absorbs vibrations and allows faster, more consistent shooting. Combined with the matching JACKALOPE JLS limbs in an elegant matt black or natural bamboo look, the result is a fascinating, high-performance recurve bow that will always be a loyal companion to any archer.


With the Jackalope Limb System, JLS for short, Jackalope Archery has developed the seminal system for take-down bows. All limbs in our JLS series can be easily combined with the JLS-compatible grips from Jackalope. The draw weight changes only slightly. Of course, the typical Jackalope Archery 30-year guarantee applies - regardless of the combination.

The JACKALOPE JLS recurve limbs are made of black fibreglass laminate with a core of high-quality bamboo wood, the fade-out is made of dark stabilised wood. The insides of the Jackalope JLS limbs are covered with Jackalope BLACK POWER glass, which is also used in the tournament bows of the Bloodstone and Onyx series. They are finished in elegant matt black and naturally offer everything you would expect from outstanding limbs from JACKALOPE: Good stability, excellent performance and a wide range of draw weights.

COMPETITION - Carbon for even more speed

In the Competition versions, the JACKALOPE JLS recurve limbs are even faster! Additional layers of carbon fibre further improve the already good-natured characteristics of the limbs. They make the bow more forgiving and ensure a tighter and more accurate hit pattern when shooting. But how do they achieve this? The outer sides are characterised by carbon in a unique way. The carbon layers are 1.2 mm thick and consist of different layers. This sandwich construction was specially developed for JACKALOPE and the interaction of the individual layers provides the optimum characteristics in terms of soft Draw length, outstanding speed and excellent torsional rigidity. The usual last layer of fibreglass, which closes off the limbs to the outside and would again limit the characteristics of the carbon, is omitted here. Instead, a cross-linked visible carbon fibre is used as the outermost layer.

JACKALOPE - The exclusive brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery. - This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted longbows, recurve bows and hybrid bows, as well as various protective gear and accessories.

At JACKALOPE you will find everything you need for this, your sport. And all this in a sophisticated look, the design of which is not limited to the bows, but is continued in all products. Where else can you choose accessories that match the colour of your bow? Only at Jackalope!

As an expression of confidence in its own craftsmanship, the JACKALOPE brand offers a 30-year guarantee* on all its bows



  • Bow length: 62 or 64 inches
  • Draw weight: 20-50 lbs
  • Length riser: 19 or 21 inches
  • Weight: approx. 1350g - 1400g
  • recommended brace height: 7.5 - 8 inches
  • recommended arrow weight (per lbs draw weight): 8-9gr
  • max. draw length: 31 inch
  • Tips: Micarta, Fast Flight suitable
  • Material riser: stabilised wood
  • Material limbs (standard): Bamboo, stabilised wood and Black Power glass
  • Material limbs (Competition): Bamboo, stabilised wood, Carbon
  • Available as right-handed or left-handed model. (Left-handed only available in 64 inch)


Scope of delivery:
1x bow with string



*Warranty conditions: We grant the first purchaser of the bow a 30-year guarantee against breakage and delamination. The guarantee applies to all first-time buyers who are resident within the EU. Wear parts and damage caused by incorrect use are excluded from the guarantee. The warranty service is provided by replacing or repairing the bow. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

The guarantor is BSW Handels GmbH | Jackalope Archery | Demminer Str. 32 | 17389 Anklam.




Hand:Right HandLeft Hand
Draw Weight:11-20 lbs21-30 lbs31-40 lbs41-50 lbs
Bow Length:60 Inch62 Inch64 Inch66 Inch

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