These General Conditions have as their object the discipline of the purchase of products made remotely, via computer network, from the site , with the trade-mark of BATTILANAPROGETTI SRL, with headquarter placed in Via M.te cengio 46, Cornedo Vicentino.

The law of Dlgs. n ° 185/99 of the Italian Civil Code will govern each purchase and the privacy policy will be governed by the law n° 675/96 of the Italian Civil Code and its subsequent amendments.


The consumer, by sending the electronic confirmation of his purchase order, unconditionally accepts the Terms and conditions of sale below and undertakes to observe them during all his business relationship with BATTILANA PROGETTI SRL. He confirms to have red and accepted all the information provided under the above mentioned rules and also acknowledging that the Company “BATTILANAPROGETTI SRL” is not bound to different conditions, unless previously written agreement.


  • These Terms and Conditions of Sale must be examined on line, by the visitors, before they confirm their purchases. By sending them the order confirmation implies full knowledge of these Terms and Conditions and their full acceptance.
  •          The Customer undertakes, once the online purchase procedure has been completed, to print and conserve these terms and conditions already examined and accepted during the on-line purchasing procedure, in order to fully satisfy the conditions in Art.3 and 4 of Dlgs. n° 185/99 law.

PURCHASE is a website that gives you the possibility to  buy archery and allied products, sporting goods, specific apparel, design objects.

Purchases of products, available as illustrated and described online in the respective pages, is made by the customer at the price specified therein, to be confirmed when placing your order confirmation, in addition to delivery charges as specified.

Before confirming the purchase, the customer will be shown the unit cost of each product chosen,the total cost when buying multiple products and their delivery charges.

Upon completion of the transaction, the customer will receive an email message containing the date and the total amount of the order (only payments by credit card).


Payment for the products purchased can be made by the customer at the time of the confirmation of order by using one of the credit cards indicated online, or in advance by bank transfer.

  •          Payments by credit card and PayPal: We accept all major credit cards and paypal payments. The paypal or credit card payment method is the most comfortable, convenient, and recommended as it reduces the time required for order processing. The transaction takes place online via the secure systems of PayPal and no information relating to credit cards is transferred to BattilanaProgetti srl. The order data is transmitted encrypted through SSL system (Secure Socket Layer) on the server to ensure security of data transmission according to current regulations.
  •          Payment by bank transfer: Payments can be made by advance bank transfer, whose copy should be send to the fax number indicated in the order report. The order will not processed until the payment is received, assessed and collected through our banking system.
  •          Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery payments is available only for the purchase of good that can be pragmatically sent. We suggest this payment method when the products in the chart aren’t compatible with the other methods, or if the total weight of the order exceed the limit of the related shipping.



Products purchased will be delivered to the address specified by the customer. The delivery of products may only occur during all working days and can be divided into multiple shippings, without incurring liability for Battilanaprogetti srl.

The Poste Italiane service “ Priority mail” can be used only with modest value products, and only within Italian territory.

Battilanaprogetti srl, in case of loss or non-delivery, is solely responsible for the goods shipped by courier or Poste Italiane service “Pacco Celere 3”.

At the time of delivery, the customer must verify that the package is intact, there are no signs of tampering, nor is wet or otherwise damaged.


  •          Products purchased through the site are subject to discipline, as applicable, referred to in Legislative Decree 02/02/2002 n. 24 (OJ No. 57, 8.3.2002) on sales contracts and warranties relating to consumer goods and, although not expressly mentioned, the specific provisions provided for by the Civil Code.This guarantee will apply to products that present lack of conformity and/or malfunctions not evident at the time of purchase, provided the product is used correctly and with due diligence and that in respect of its destination and as provided in any technical documentation, compliance with the various operational rules set out therein.
  •          The above warranty will not be applicable in case of negligence, carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product. The guarantee is personal and will apply only to the original buyer, being restricted to direct customers and not to dealers, resellers, etc..
  •          Any malfunction of the products must be reported within ten days of receipt of merchandise. The written report must be attached by the customer upon shipment of the defective product. The product even if defective, to be replaced shall, upon return, be complete with packaging and all accessories, and any documentation received from the customer at the time of purchase. The shipment of the product without the original packaging, accessories, and any documents referred to above, prevents Battilanaprogetti srl replacement of the product itself.
  •          The return deliveries shall be made to the following address: Battilanaprogetti srl Via Monte Cengio, 46 36073 Cornedo Vicentino. Battilanaprogetti reserves the right to verify the actual defects claimed by the customer and make the replacement until after the inspection.
  •          he request will be processed only if the parcel will be returned the following documents: number and order date and a brief description of the defect.
  •          The costs of returning goods to the sender instead are paid by the customer.


Purchases made on site are governed by Italian law on mail order. If you received an item that does not satisfy you, you have 10 days from the date of delivery to exercise the right to withdraw and the option of returning the product. We will accept without hesitation the return of any item, provided it in perfect conditions and has not been used, refunding the full amount (except the costs of packing and shipping, as required by Italian law).

The returns must be shipped at the following address:BattilanaProgetti srl Via Monte Cengio, 4636073 Cornedo Vicentino


This agreement is governed by the laws of the Italian state. Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this contract, the territorial jurisdiction is of the judge in the seller’s current place of residence or address.