Takoda S-Tech
Takoda S-Tech

Takoda S-Tech

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  • Lenght: 66 inch;
  • 44 #
  • 28 AMO
  • Riser materials: Bubinga, Zebrawood, Makassar Ebony;
  • Limb materials: Red Kevlar, Fiberglass.


Takoda S-Tech is the new Sakima's longbow with Reflex-Deflex curvature designed and calibrated to make the bow as performing as possible.

The bow was born from the skillful coimbination of innovative and traditional materials such as carbon, red Kevlar and fiberglass.
Takoda S-Carbon is not desgined exclusively for experienced users, but it can be used by beginners of the discipline.

The bow measure 66 inches and the materials used are:
- Still Tech Red Kevlar in the traction side,
- transparent glass fibre foil on the compression side,
- precious white Ebony for the core.

The riser is made in Bubinga, Ebony and Zerbrawood.
The tips have been reinforced for the use of Fast Flight strings.

Takoda S-Tech is GUARANTEED for 2 years and is supplied with the soft Sakima's longbow case, and the FF string.

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