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Riser | SPIDERBOWS - Hawk -...
Riser | SPIDERBOWS - Hawk -...

Riser | SPIDERBOWS - Hawk - Competition - ILF - 15-19 inch


Riser | SPIDERBOWS - Hawk - Competition - ILF - 15-19 inch

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  • 19 POLLICI
  • 15 POLLICI
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Riser | SPIDERBOWS - Hawk - Competition - ILF - 15-19 inch

Discover the latest innovation from SPIDERBOWS: the revised Hawk bow series, an outstanding all-round product that is suitable for both beginners and advanced shooters. To date, the Hawk has been a real all-rounder in the take-down recurve bow range, with many shooters already appreciating its characteristics. All Hawk ILF centre sections are compatible with all ILF limbs on the market, allowing maximum flexibility and optimum adaptation to the shooter's skills. Especially the ILF limbs of the Spiderbows C.V. Edition, the new Spiderbows SCB limbs with visible carbon and bamboo core and the Spiderbows SCF limbs with visible carbon and foam core are the ideal companions.

In combination with the bow window cut across the centre - for optimum arrow flight and easy arrow tuning - and the matching SWS limbs, the result is a near-perfect bow with very smooth shooting behaviour and maximum precision.

The Hawk Competition line sets new standards in terms of shooting smoothness and precision, ideal for ambitious shooters who want to take part in tournaments. The Riser, made from the heaviest and most stable wood Spiderbows has ever used, gives the bow impressive stability. The new Hawk Competition is the perfect choice, especially for young people or women who find the Spiderbows Condor too powerful.

The filigree grip design of the riser nestles perfectly in the hand and ensures a comfortable feel, regardless of the size of the gripping hand. For purists, we offer the Riser in deep black or a mélange of warm brown shades. Those who prefer something a little more colourful can opt for one of the three models with a coloured contrasting stripe to express their personal style. They all have one thing in common: the silky, shimmering finish.

ILF - technology meets tradition!

All centre sections are fitted with the well-known, stable and precise ILF attachment from SPIDERBOWS in black, allowing absolute flexibility in the choice of ILF limbs and settings. SPIDERBOWS has rethought the ILF system and developed perhaps the best ILF attachment for limbs on the market. High-quality, precise technology meets the tradition of a wooden riser.

The ILF attachment with all its adjustment options is housed in a solid metal block and forms a closed system. The lateral adjustment for limb alignment, for example, is completely integrated into the metal block and thus avoids cracks in the Riser, which can occur with conventional systems because the screw is located in the wooden riser. In addition, there are tiller screws that have an additional ring and a movable head that optimally guides and fixes the limbs. The bow can be optimally adjusted to personal requirements via the tiller and the draw weight of the bow can be adjusted by approx. ±3 lbs.

However, the SPIDERBOWS ILF attachment has a little something more to offer: Due to the requirements of the different sets of rules of the various archery associations, an internal grub screw has been added to the Tiller screw, which serves as an additional locking mechanism. This means that the Tiller screw can be locked in the desired position. If you want to avoid any adjustment at all, the Tiller screw can be fixed in the block using a clamping screw on the side. In contrast to the other SPIDERBOWS centre sections, the ILF attachment on the Hawk has an open design and is therefore more filigree without side wood panelling.

Immerse yourself in the world of archery with the SPIDERBOWS HAWK - the perfect companion for any challenge.



  • Length:
    • 15 inch
    • 17 inch
    • 19 inch
  • Weight:
    • 15 inch: approx. 950g
    • 17 inch: approx. 1025g
    • 19 inch: approx. 1090g
  • Material: stabilised wood
  • Minimum arrow weight: 7gr/lbs (draw weight of the bow)



Scope of delivery:
1x riser




Hand: Right HandLeft Hand
Riser Material: Wood
Screw on or ILF Limbs: ILF Limbs
Riser Length: 17 Inch19 Inch

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